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endsongs was ¬†improvisational music performance I did in the 2000’s. Sometimes with just me (a guitar, a whole lot of electronic gear and a MacBook) and sometimes with Vincent Bashford playing drums, percussion and hitting sundry electronic things.

It’s all improvised. Yes, really! Just start playing, record, loop, record, loop again, stop somethings, re-start old things. See what happens. Just a man and his guitar and a whole bank of electronics.

BTW, try changing key when you have all that playing and having to remember related modalities that will work as the music progresses! Headache-city.

I collect, sort of, old Gibson hollow body guitars and the odd Martin as well. I have too many but don’t really want to sell any… Sigh. I should sell some so they get played more.

The music and guitar web site will, eventually, be incorporated here.

However, in the meantime…

endsongs web site

Note: the endsongs site also includes some music from last century.

Posted February 6, 2014 by Mark