Physical and Functional Assessments



Steve King (Physiotherapist and Osteopath) and I will be performing Physical and Functional Assessments at Goodlife Chelsea in December. The sessions are free. Register your interest by filling in the form at Goodlife Chelsea reception or contact Mark on 0414 842584.


Everyone has muscle imbalances. Many are caused by everyday living. However, they are a precursor to injury, if they become severe or long lasting. At the least, they reduce your ability to get the most out of your training. Whether it’s lifting or running or riding or, even, walking.

Imbalances can be small and your body will compensate for them. That is until you’re going for that 1RM, or that high volume session or during a HIIT workout or, they surface as chronic pain and injury as the result of long endurance workouts.

Fixing imbalances is an investment in your fitness. It’s hard finding the time to workout, don’t reduce the effectiveness of those workouts. Fix your body before injury forces you to. And often imbalances are easy to fix and take little or no extra training time. A few exercises as part of a normal warm up routine can often reduce imbalances significantly. But you can’t fix them until you know what they are.

Testing can take only minutes to identify some of the issues with your body.

On Monday 8th December and Wednesday 10th December physical assessment testing will be conducted at Goodlife Chelsea. The testing will be done by Physiotherapist and Osteopath Steve King, and Strength and Conditioning coach Mark Macpherson.

Register your interest and a preferred time at Goodlife Chelsea reception or contact Mark Macpherson 0414 842584.


Posted November 26, 2014 by Mark in Fitness, Fitness News