Why you must workout

A regular workout is good for many well documented reasons: you look good; you feel good afterwards; you live longer; the chances of succumbing to many modern diseases is reduced; exercise has been shown to grow neurons; stress caused by uncontrollable events in other areas of your life can be alleviated by regular exercise.



The list goes on.

This second list is much longer than the first. However, the number of items in a list does not make that list more important.All this is well known and advertised, then why don’t more people indulge in physical activity on a regular basis? This is another long list, but this one is often full of excuses. This list is dominated by time constraints, and many of those time constraints include  pressures from family and friends. For example, having to work for a living, spend time with spouse, children (or grandchildren), or just not having enough free time to workout or the inclination to workout when time becomes available.

There is one overriding reason why you must workout regularly and that is to live a healthier life. The only way to achieve that healthier life is by applying consistency to your health just as you apply consistency to everything else you do.

You already apply consistency to your work, your studies and your family. You go to work/school when you don’t really want to and you complete tasks that are not to your liking. You apply consistency to your family life as a role model/supporter/bread winner for your spouse, children and, perhaps, grandchildren.

A regular workout is as important to others in your life as it is to you. A regular workout is not an indulgence, it is one of the ways to contribute to the success of your family and the relationships with your friends. It is as important as any other mandatory aspect of your life. The trick is to be flexible in your planning and balanced in everything in your life while maintaining consistency.

Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act, it’s a way of helping others in your life. Having a balanced mind, body and spirit allows you to successfully tackle the problems and difficult situations of friends and family. Direct involvement in the affairs of others is not always necessary, a person who is strong in mind and body can be a direct influence on others they know and meet.

Each workout you complete is one step on the way to being the best person you can possibly be and, hopefully, influencing others to also be as healthy as they can be.

Live a healthier life, for you and your family’s sake, by regularly working out.

Tony Horton, “The Big Picture: 11 Laws that will change your life”

Posted February 15, 2014 by Mark in Fitness