The Tragedy of Euan and Kate published

EuanAndKateCover1I decided to finish and publish The Tragedy of Euan and Kate first, as part of the Version 2.0 project.

Some character alterations were required. As well as some of the plot items. The ending was a bit weak, I thought. It was based on some real life things that happened to me but I felt it was unrealistic (funny how that is. Real life seems unreal when written down). So, the ending has been re-imagined.

However, overall there was not a lot of work required for these changes and it’s always nice to finish something and get it out of the way.


And now it is out of the way.

BTW, links to purchase the book are in the side menu 🙂

I’ve now almost finished re-writing ‘The First Genesis’, which will be renamed ‘Flawed Gods’. There are substantial changes to the second half of the novel. It’s much more than the back-story the original book was. And Hachakyum’s brother makes an early entrance. And the Earth is almost destroyed. But apart from that…

I’m hoping for a 2014 release.


Posted September 9, 2013 by Mark in Books & Writing